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Remember all that hullabaloo Liz Smith created a year or two ago about a "much loved" female TV icon who was considering coming out as a lesbian?

By the way, did you ever see Gillian and Alex Kingston together with "your own two eyes"? I laughed and smiled instead. We don't give a shit about your stories about "Elisha". Ugly girls naked pictures. But they seemed very into their roleplaying. NPH hosted at least two major award shows. Gillian anderson lesbian kiss. It involves a lot of gross men doing shady things. She seems like the kind of person who would admit being bi if she was. Annabeth Gish married a guy with gay face for days.

Someone please tell me what just happened…. The entire appeal of a site like this one is to pass closed-off goss along without having to worry about massive lawsuits.

I totally had it as a ring tone for awhile. She dated that actor Rodney Rowland and the rumor was they went on vacation together, he thought they were gonna get engaged but they ended up breaking up. Jelena jensen playboy. Gillian Anderson is bi IRL! So, which Murdoch companies are you talking about?

Only thing troll-dar reveals is the R is happily reporting gossip. R, have you read r, r, r, etc's posts? Which was exactly where I wanted to be. It would be a pity. Seemed like there was talk about her with women for years, but never a word about men in the late 90's.

Keep in mind that this is coming from a friend, who I trust. Hard to believe she used to be kinda hot. R, the last name I'll drop before taking leave is someone very few would care about a safe name. Alas, I'm reluctantly concluding that Ted's hints point directly to Helen Hunt. How many times are you going to mention that? Her current partner is not very attractive.

Also you pointed out another reason why X-Files was so great: And all that stuff about FOX protecting their own is bullshit. Not surprised by Megan Mullally putting her face between those thighs.

R, you sound like an insider. Comic hentai ben 10. Sadly, not everyone feels the same way. Fox, according to you, had to cover up Gillian's flings with the girls and now The Sun wants to expose them!

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She thinks for a moment.

It sounds so forced and phoney like she's doing a parody of somebody. Hot lesbian girls licking. There were probably other women who weren't recognizable celebrities. Yeah, not saying this stuff couldn't be true, but Gilliian IS very protective of her privacy. She poses under the name Elisha Jade. This is the first time that I am reading rumors about Thandie being bi or a lesbian. Gillian anderson lesbian kiss. Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie was very open about her love affair with actress and model, Jenny Shimizu.

Either way, what is evident is that this person is bullshitting and seems to have particularly unfriendly intentions towards Gillian Anderson. Filter by post type All posts. I wonder if her separation from her current partner has anything to do with the timing. How he always looked like he might break into a grin at any time. Sandra kubicka naked. You are correct r Melissa E was a prop to make that point. I'm just happy my gaydar was functioning correctly.

Anyway, why don't you head back to the L-Chat gay creche where all five of you can convince ourselves and each other of everything.

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I do wonder if she's about to come out as having a GF. In fact, you could say she went out of her way NOT to conceal the fact that she enjoyed the company of those women. Ingrid is a player on the party scene, which means networking, which means more work. I got soooooo excited when I saw something about the X-Files on Autostraddle. I still favoured Mulder, but Scully came close to sharing equal time. She has also suffered from depression on and off over the years.

But her own hubris drove this story. Gillian had a hot figure, especially when she had a little meat on her. Big tit milf videos. I almost forgot—why does everyone in Belfast wear a lanyard. The petite redhead wore wire-rim sunglasses and a form-fitting black dress with cut-outs that bared the fat-free sheer sides of her torso.

Maybe two if she got distracted banging Alana and Bev. If you need help resolving said ginger issues just let me know. Really though I just want to read a novel using this scenario so someone get on that? I always thought Clare Danes pinged, but she always had such public hetero relationships. Gillian's and she wore this while dancing with Ms Hunt.

But that doesn't mean she hasn't let a bint or three wrap their hands around her rather large hips. It's called publicity and I'm surprised and bored that she is using the tired old "I'm into women" schtick. And finally, it reminds us on a LGBT front, that queer women should support and be kinder to one another.

She is co-writing a book called We: OMFG how did I not know about this?!: Yeah, because reporting on who someone's slept with is what press freedom's about! I like this thread and the photos. Then wondering what was wrong with me. Heterosexual woman here to tell you that I loved this post!!! Looking at the evidence, Ms. Eugene Tombs using his incredibly squeeziness to perve on women, which is totally what someone with that ability would do.

And no, R, Kingston is not gay. Whether that's talk about her lingerie tastes or just how nice her ass looks in a thong, she's made it clear that she's a sexual being. They wanted to underline the lesbianism of it by saying Melissa Etheridge was there since she was the most famous out lesbian at the time.

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