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Erotic pelvic exam stories

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In human combustion, Sophia screamed as white heat scalded her flesh and a throbbing explosion made her rocket off the table, fading out thoughts. But, instead of grabbing the blood pressure cuff, Donald reached underneath the brown examination table, took a tiny autosyringe and, with a practiced motion, injected his patient's arm with ten drops of pale yellow liquid.

She thought a moment. Fiona fullerton naked. But now she's massaging my belly, my vagina, and my asshole. Sharp, hard fingernails once again slapped her nipple, igniting intense pains that rushed throughout her body. Erotic pelvic exam stories. He was older, somewhere in his mid forties. She had to cum, had to stop the cramps.

But studies had shown it effective in cases like Angela's. Gloria removed her hands. She wore a button-down blouse and jeans so low on her hips it left her stomach naked.

She hesitated at his command, knowing the other doctors were already gathering around her half-naked body, their fingers eager to run over her teenage flesh. Flashing tits tumblr. I try to relax as she gently spreads my knees even further apart and stands up. Surely you have seen doctors on TV do this to hysterical patients like you. She strokes my hair a little to comfort me and says it might feel a little uncomfortable, but she'll do her best to be gentle.

With her large breasts, her shoulders always feel better when she takes off her bra. Do I want to go home and cry? To me, that makes it mandatory. Interesting, no mention of the mother. Gynecological Visit- An erotic short story. While it would be slower and less humiliating—or she thought it would be—the suspense was killing her. The University also frowns on students not paying legitimate bills.

He turned back to the computer and scrolled through screens of data. It's a very odd sensation, but one I would remember and imagine every so often later on. She had started reading them but became bored after two pages and finally went directly to the last page and simply signed it.

Barbara is a sexual simulation designed to make men happy. It probably doesn't help that I find her pretty sexy. Nude facebook profile pics. She looked down, her breasts covered by her blonde hair, but hints of her naked globes peeked from beneath. Her body jerked as fiery heat erupted inside her, making her thighs sweat and liquid bead up around her opening. And then she heard a knock. He was right, he was a trained doctor and she knew that she would have to give him all the information, even though it might humiliate her.

Again, she gently leads my arm by my wrist over my head and opens my vest.

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Mandy feels lots of the cold lube being applied all over. Big tit sandra gets railed. She clearly waited way to long for this moment and was glad that it was finally happening. And while she was at it, whoever designed thin robes for places kept at subarctic temperatures? Joanna looked over her shoulders at her upraised ass, her legs spread wide, the doctors viewing her from behind.

He cupped both of her globes, hefted them in his large hands, able to encircle them both from below. Joanna felt the head of the snake pulling from her anus, out of her stretched opening just as Dr. He loved a girl spread open that way, her ass pushed up high, begging to be touched or prodded, her pussy and anus open and accessible. Erotic pelvic exam stories. I need to examine your naked breasts. Smith quickly grabs the bottom of her sweater with both hands and pulls it up past her face.

It was almost as if she was teasing them. Michael picked up four miniature clothespins, only an inch long, but still with powerful springs. Finally they finished, her sex glistened with her juices, her body sexually charged, wanting relief, almost ready to beg to be masturbated again. Redtub xxx sex. She had not thought of that, assuming that she would merely place her feet in them.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Michael never let actual medical students take part; instead he usually invited some of his friends. A few have even had orgasms while being prodded with speculums. It's just a pointless one shot of leyton smut. He tapped lightly with his palm, a light slapping sound ringing out in the room. Little did she know that her silent moan was heard by Lucas. Hot seducing scene. This will make the insertion of the anal speculum much easier. She wore a button-down blouse and jeans so low on her hips it left her stomach naked.

After quizzing Mandy about her allergies, Dr. He was wrong, she could not forget the hard object that spread her painfully open from the inside, a fullness that was so much more than when a cock was inside her.

Smith says next while she wonders if there was any innuendo behind the words women like you. They finally finished taking pictures, Dr.

They let her rest for a minute, the blindfold still on. She understood how exposed it would leave her, her sex open to whatever they had planned for her. I explain how she can do this part at home for herself, once a month, and describe the quadrants of her breast as I make my way closer to the areola. I hope I will do well. It was so embarrassing, knowing that they watched her, their faces glued to her anus as she pushed out, Dr.

She squeezed her pussy on the metal speculum, gripped it, afraid it would slip from her pussy, falling out for all the doctors to see. Story Tags Portal gynecologist. And then it was her turn. She had never had an orgasm so powerful. Those are both fairly common problems in women like you. Then her hands freeze and her head jerks up to look at Dr. She is now receptive to any stimuli, pleasure and even pain. Mandy finds her arms held awkwardly over her head with the front of her sweater covering her face.

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Across the center was a raised portion about five inches wide and padded with heavy rubber.

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Michael, not knowing what was expected, gullible enough to accept almost anything that would be done to her innocent body. Her movement immediately brings Dr. Erotic pelvic exam stories. Big tits hitomi tanaka. His hands moved to the inside of her tender thighs, pushed outward, forced her to spread wider, now sure that all eyes were on her pussy as she slowly revealed herself to them yet again. Be a good girl and obey. She was in the perfect position of servitude, arched up to serve her sex to whomever wanted it.

No nerve damage, plenty of blood flow, you perk up quite nicely. Free nude playmate pics Michael took another cold speculum from the freezer, this one smaller than the other, but formidable in size compared to the tiny opening that it would soon be inserted in. He then stood up and walked behind her; she turned her head to see what he was doing. Lucas was about an inch away from her hot and wet pussy and could hear Peyton panting loudly.

She is beautiful he thought to himself. Are you sexually active?

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